Learn how to make the most of shiftin

How would an automated workforce shift scheduling help you optimize your business in the Retail industry?

The retail industry is facing great challenges in the social and economic context of recent years. …

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How important workforce strategic scheduling can be for your business?

The current labour market is putting major pressure on the business environment for optimal workforce structures …

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Shift management software, shiftin

Why are employees happy with employee management software?

Regardless of the size of the company, the ability to plan out employee schedules is critical. …

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Shift plannig app, by shiftin

Can staff shortages be managed from a shift planning app?

One of the hottest topics among human resources specialists is the subject of staff shortage and …

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Time tracking of employees - Shiftin by HTSS

What can employee time tracking software do for my business?

Without an employee time tracking software, your company struggles with: A lack of transparency in employee punch-ins …

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Why is a work scheduling app essential for your company’s productivity?

Scheduling employees for tasks, shifts, timetables, and projects can be tricky. Work scheduling apps have come …

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Streamline your shift scheduling with a HR payroll software

You have a dedicated HR team, yet you're plagued by people admin? The absence of precise …

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What is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and how does it work?

A Human Resource Information System, also called HRIS is a huge step forward in managing the …

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What are employee management systems?

Employee management systems are useful tools for managers, HR people or project managers to better handle …

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