What is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and how does it work?

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A Human Resource Information System, also called HRIS is a huge step forward in managing the HR universe. HRIS integrates Human Resources specific activities with all the benefits that an Information System can bring.

HRIS is about employees personal data, professional progress, and performance integrated in a software structure that allows managers instant access to information and helpful statistical data related to company’s human resources.

Why are HRISs so important?

Today’s business environment encounters many challenges such as a huge amount of

data that needs to be safely kept, updated, and processed. It also implies real time access to any record regarding employee’s activity, training and progress. 

As many business structures involve multiple operational centers, a global view of the company’s human resources is almost impossible in absence of a system integrating all these data. That’s why HRISs are vital for any business. 

It’s not only a matter of wood saving, it’s a business necessity. 

Classical HR recordings meant a lot of paper. And a lot of time to manage it. Sometimes, searching for information, even for a basic one,  can take too long and too much effort from the HR staff.  

Instead of such a waste of paper, time and effort, any company could benefit from a Human Reasearch Information Software that can make any information accessible from everywhere at any time. A huge help for any manager that needs a strong data foundation for significant decisions. 

What kind of HRIS suits my business?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when choosing a Human Resource Information System solution. 

Depending on your business specificity you have many HRIS options on the market. 

A multifunctional software that can successfully fulfill your company HRIS needs is shiftin. This software can manage all essential information related to your HR processes. And it’s capabilities also include a very helpful tool: real time shift management. 

Shiftin is a collaborative software that allows you to plan your team shifts in seconds, together with your team. This is a big plus in motivating your employees. Besides this, shiftin is a easy to use HRIS allowing HR data management from employees personal info to timesheets and payroll recordings.

Shiftin could be your perfect choice in respect of Human Research Information Software since it is GDPR Compliant and has a broad library of rules, scalable to any type of business. 

The advantages of choosing shiftin as your HRIS solution

Starting with the wide accessibility (you can access shiftin from a computer, tablet, or smartphone) that allows you to have all the data anytime you need at your hand, continuing with the traceability and legal rules and regulations compliance, shiftin allows you to benefit from many advantages. A special mention to the very satisfactory value for money balance. 

shiftin is a trustworthy HRIS solution developed by HTSS, an innovative IT&C Company with 10 years of experience in designing custom solutions.  

You can ask right now a demo of shiftin application in order to find out if it is the HRIS solution that fits your needs.  

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