shiftin – automated shift scheduling software solution

Accessible from your mobile and desktop, Shiftin is the only app you’ll need in your business to automatically plan for employees based on your company’s performance goals.


shiftin – supports operational excellence

The shift scheduling process is 100% automated and takes into account the company’s business objectives. Employee scheduling is done by compiling a wide range of data.

Set your team's work schedule in seconds

Minimise waste of resources

Automatically send the timesheet to payroll

Receive real-time notifications

Enjoy scheduling performance reports

Save time for your employees and customers

shiftin provides you a generous library of rules, scalable for any type of business

Quickly find solutions to unforeseen situations

With shiftin functionalities, users can easily:

  • create and manage optimal work shifts
  • obtain real-time solutions in case of unforeseen staff shortages

Absences, holidays, shift changes or work preferences are now easily and automatically resolved by shiftin.

Everything is:

  • Collaborative
  • Traceable

shiftin – schedule your team along with your team

By using shiftin, shift scheduling activity is simplified and harmonized. Every team member is aligned to the same working model and everything is collaborative.

9/10 employees reported satisfaction with their schedule. And that’s because, through the mobile app, they can communicate work availability, request days off, swap shifts with other team members and, of course, check their schedule anytime and anywhere.

Suitable for:

shiftin – adapted to your business model

Regardless of the size and type of your business, shiftin helps you make the best decisions about your resource allocation quickly.

The application is flexible, scalable and ready to serve various organizational complexities and cultures.

360 visibility over your team's work schedule

Accessible from mobile and desktop, shiftin is the only app you’ll ever need in your business to automatically schedule employees based on company performance goals.

Why choose shiftin

Extensive library of configurable rules

Scalable for any type of business or legislative rules

Availability and mobility of employees

Absence management

Automatic time sheet reporting to payroll

Scheduling performance reports

Real-time notifications

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