Why are employees happy with employee management software?

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Regardless of the size of the company, the ability to plan out employee schedules is critical. Usually, in small enterprises, a manager or supervisor is responsible for creating a work schedule. In large corporations, there are also specialized managers in charge of employees’ work scheduling. The efficient running of a firm requires a well-planned timetable. Here is where shiftin, modular applications specially designed to be easily integrated with employee management software, comes in.

An employee’s morale can suffer if he or she shows up to work one day and has no idea what to do because there is no set routine in place to meet their requirements and abilities. Overall, it may have an impact on their professional development. Organizations, on the other hand, will not be able to get the most out of their staff unless they have the right employee management software. 

Real-time notifications

First and foremost, the employee management software ensures a smooth and effective operation. In order to be successful, any firm must be able to run its everyday operations without hiccups. When all employees are aware of their work schedules, responsibilities, and workplaces, and they are constantly updated directly from the staff scheduling software, they perform at their highest level. 

Absence and leave management is made easier with employee management software

Secondly, shiftin aids employees and employers with the efficient management of staff absences. Employee attendance is a major challenge for many firms. Planning ahead of time helps managers stay on top of things. Tracking an employee’s tardiness and absences will allow management of any challenges that might appear. And, because everything is integrated, employees can update their status on the go, at any time.

Automated timesheet to Payroll

Time is a scarce commodity in the professional services industry, and it must be managed efficiently and honestly. Timesheet automation is a method of logging work hours from any device and from any place in the employee management software. By automating the process of capturing hours worked, employees can speed up timesheet completion and management. The timesheet automation features of the application shiftin ensure that the correct data reaches the right people at the right time, allowing managers to keep tabs on what’s going on in the team and finance departments to keep track of client billing and payments. 

A fair policy is always in place. Reports and scheduling performance analysis

When it comes to paid time off, employee management software guarantees that all employees are treated equally. The schedule reports can be used by management to allocate time off. First-come, first-served, or seniority-based leave can all be configured in the system. 

Reporting is easy with shiftin, indifferently of the size of the company or the industry it activates in. The solution can be easily deployed and adapted to your business needs.

Effectively managing the hours worked outside the normal schedule 

With employee management software it’s easy for employees and employers to track overtime hours. In shiftin, employees can add extra hours immediately and securely. 

Created by specialists in automation, shiftin, the scheduling app that can rapidly be integrated with any employee management software, will change the way in which staff scheduling is done. Book a demo, today, and make your employees happy!