What can employee time tracking software do for my business?

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Without an employee time tracking software, your company struggles with:

  • A lack of transparency in employee punch-ins and punch-outs during the course of the workday (i.e. having a co-worker do it for them, or punching in outside of work).

  • An Inefficient Payroll Process: For every pay period, manually reviewing, verifying, entering, and analysing employee timesheets is a difficult task. As a result, calculating labour costs using aggregates and spreadsheets takes a long time.

There are several apps for employees’ time tracking that solve those problems. Their real-time reporting helps you keep track of attendance, vacations, and overtime in the workplace. Everyone is held to account by them. An employee time tracking software helps you save money by ensuring that your payroll is accurate and on time, and all of this is accomplished in an approachable and intuitive manner.

With an employee time tracking software, you and your team will be able to better organise and manage your time. With so many apps for time tracking out there, it’s hard to know which one is best. GPS tracking, invoicing, and productivity monitoring are just a few of the many options available. Thus, what matters is which tool works best for your team. The answer is that it is dependent on a variety of factors.

Shiftin, a reliable and accurate employee time tracking software

Project management and time tracking are both made easy with Shiftin’s online platform. Teams can quickly get up and running with the software thanks to its simple interface. As soon as you begin working on a task, an automatic timer begins tracking your billable time. Using Shiftin, as an employee time tracking software, you can also manually enter your time. For invoicing purposes, you can use the timesheets to store the data.

Using Shiftin’s time reports, you can keep tabs on individual output. Additional features include online proofing, file sharing, group chat, custom workflows, and specific dashboards. Your employees will be able to accomplish more by making a time management plan. Stressing less while doing more is a smart incentive that results in higher engagement and productivity.

What are some of the advantages of using our employee time tracking software?

There are numerous advantages to using employee time tracking software and tracking HR-focused apps over standard software solutions. These are some of the benefits you can expect to see:


As long as you have internet access and a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, you can log in to your account from anywhere in the world.


Allowing employees to update their personal information at their convenience, directly in the employee time tracking software, will save your company money and increase productivity.


We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. With us, you’ll be able to speak to a real person instead of an automated system.

Which companies can use Shiftin by HTSS?

Employee time tracking software is used by a wide range of businesses. In order to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, Shiftin has developed a new module, called Time & Attendance, to streamline administrative processes, bringing HR into the modern era. Book a demo today and put our technology to the test!