Can staff shortages be managed from a shift planning app?

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One of the hottest topics among human resources specialists is the subject of staff shortage and if they can do something to better deal with it, especially now, in the context of the post-pandemic “Great Resignation“. 

The Great Resignation is a phenomenon that appeared in the past 2 years and refers to employees’ wish to change or quit their jobs and seek new opportunities. People are choosing to change their workplaces for a variety of reasons. The epidemic modified some workers’ priorities, motivating them to pursue a “dream job” or transfer to being stay-at-home parents. Many others, on the other hand, made the decision to leave because of how their employer handled them during the pandemic. Can a shift planning app help companies deal with staff shortages?

How can shiftin, the shift planning app, fight against the staff shortages?

The people behind the shiftin application took the staff shortage challenge and thought of a well-rounded product that would fit any industry and company-size, and solve this issue efficiently. 

First of all, the shift planning app from HTSS was created with the help and real input from employees, HR specialists, managers, shift managers, CEOs, and other key roles in a company. All these people responded to the following questions: 

  • `What do you really need from the scheduling point of view?`;
  • `What is missing?`; 
  • `Where do you struggle the most?`;
  • `What do you expect from a staff planning app?`. 

Most employees said that what they want the most is to be heard and that companies need to be flexible in regard to their working schedules. Companies, on the other hand, showed a willingness to adapt to the new conditions in the working environment while pursuing and satisfying the business needs and objectives. With a shift planning app, companies can solve these requests. 

Moreover, a crucial necessity emerged from the discussions – the need to change the unidirectional, traditional way of communicating (from the company to employee) to two-way communication. This happens when organizations enable their employees to join the company conversations and freely share their thoughts, opinions, and concerns. 

Through shiftin, we do just that. We allow employees to manage their own schedule and we help companies in “democratizing the working environment“, as nowadays’ employees know which are the team goals and they can decide for themselves how and when to work. Also, managers want to move away from strict and authoritarian management.

The 3 characteristics needed in a staff planning app, such as shiftin by htss

The shiftin application embodies the most sought characteristics in a shift planning application. It’s dynamic, flexible, and solves unpredictable issues. Moreover, shiftin respects 100% the working legislation of a country. 

Because shiftin is dynamic, employees can manage their own working schedule according to their business objectives and personal needs. The employees know what they have to do. shiftin lets them decide when and how to accomplish their task. 

The shift planning app is agile and can be easily adapted to any working environment. The members of a team can insert their tasks and the others can see who and what each employee filled in. shiftin will send notifications so that all the members can see. 

Furthermore, with shiftin, the shift planning app by HTSS, employees can establish their working hours and preferences which, results in better human resources management, as managers can see beforehand the changes that appear and fix/deal with any unpredictable situations that may occur. With shiftin, it’s easy to assure and maintain your level of productivity and attendance in the company. Also, with this shift planning app, it’s easy to identify where a free resource is and assign new tasks to that person.

Due to these three functionalities, we move from company-level human resources management to team self-coordination based on competencies. In this way, shiftin deals with staff shortages and covers the inefficient distribution of human resources in a company. Book a demo today and start a trial in your company to see how shiftin works!