What are employee management systems?

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Employee management systems are useful tools for managers, HR people or project managers to better handle employee records, workflow, schedule and all related data.  

Depending on specific needs, these systems should integrate various features and adapt to different business cultures in order to fulfill all beneficiary requirements. 

While HR people will appreciate more employee management systems providing adaptable tools for best employee performance management, project managers will be looking for solutions that perfectly fit specific project needs like employee time & task tracking, mobility features or shift work planning.  

Different challenges generate specific solutions

Many employee management softwares are designed to meet remote working requests, others come up with solutions for mobile teams. 

Very popular within team leaders that have to plan employees shift working schedule are shift management softwares providing smart tools for a more efficient resource management. These systems allow managers to better plan their team activity, to cover all unforeseen absences and to keep an even operational flow. 

Why are employee management systems so popular?

Human resource management is one of the most important and challenging chapters in business administration. A good tool, adapted to your business specificity and needs can help your team perform at its best. That’s why choosing the most appropriate employee management software for your organization is a big step for the success of your business.

How to choose the perfect employee management system for your organization?

First of all, set a list of criteria mandatory for your employee management system. Make a priority rank of these criteria. Then start researching. 

Today’s solutions include a pool of employee management software that could match, at different grades, your list.  

While researching, take into account all these factors that can help you make the best choice:   friendly user interface, ability to adapt to the particularities of your business, ability to manage various data and to generate reports, ability to collect feedback from your team. 

You can complete the list with your own particular requests, based on your business specificity.  Of course, the price is a strong criteria to take into consideration.  

Prior to choosing the best employee management system for your company may be useful to test the solutions and find out which one fits you the most. 

Many employee management software are available with a free demo or a free trial period. Take advantage of these in order to make a founded decision.  

Is it possible to please both managers and employees?

Yes, it is! While business requires predictability and precision, employees’ needs are rather about flexibility and personal preferences. 

A good employee management system should be able to keep a good balance between both sides of the equation. These will allow business flow to go smoothly while keeping employees motivated. 

A good example of this is shiftin, an employee management software developed by HTSS Company that helps managers to better plan their team activity organizing shift work in moments. 

Why is shiftin a good choice for your team planning? 

As an employee management system, shiftin provides you with all the features you need to plan your team automatically in seconds. It is perfectly adaptable for your business specificity and requirements.

shiftin allows you scheduling your team shifts, managing in real time all the unforeseen situations and allowing you to permanently have the big picture of your people resource. This is a very valuable feature especially in these pandemic times.

Is shiftin a strong tool for keeping your team connected?

Yes, shiftin is a fully collaborative and traceable tool helping you to better plan your team and to get the most from your human resource. 

By allowing team members to communicate and make their options known, this employee management software helps you keep them motivated.   

Access your employee management software from anywhere!

You can acces shiftin from desktop or mobile devices, which offers you complete freedom to be connected with your team and to find real time solutions for every issue that may occur, even if it’s about people missing, shift changes or other situations.

Once you finish the shift planning, the timesheet goes automatically to payroll allowing you to save time and efforts. This is how a good employee management system can work full-time for you, maximizing your team’s efficiency. 

A shift management software compliant with business and legislative rules

As being a solution fully connected to your team needs, shiftin is also able to assimilate all the rules and regulations that your business should comply with. 

It is a complete solution in terms of employee management, a system providing you with a 360 degrees image of your business and helping you to better plan your resources. 

10 years of experience as a guarantee 

shiftin is a employee management software developed by HTSS, a company having 10 years of experience in developing IT&C solutions for business. 

HTSS spreads its expertise all over the world

Almost 1000 companies in 15 countries benefit from HTSS IT&C business solutions, including employee management systems and other business solutions, developed by a team of 400 top specialists. 

shiftin is now available and ready to help you to get the most from your business resources. Ask for a demo and start enjoying planning your team shifts in seconds!