Automatic shift scheduling vs. Scheduling in Excel: Which option is better for your business?

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In the context of an ever-evolving society, managing shift work schedules can be a challenging task for human resource (HR) professionals and managers. With so many variables to consider, such as employee availability, skill sets, and workload, creating and managing a schedule can be a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Fortunately, there are various solutions that can greatly simplify this process but the challenge is to discover which ones are also ideal based on the requirements and strategy of each individual business.

What does shift scheduling in Excel involve?

Excel is a popular spreadsheet tool used by many organizations to manage shift schedules and human resource planning. The process involves creating a template in Excel that lists the shifts needed and the employees available to work those shifts. The template can then be populated with the necessary information, such as the start and end times of each shift and the name of the employee assigned to that shift.

Advantages and disadvantages of scheduling shifts in Excel

One of the main advantages of scheduling shifts in Excel is that it is easy to use and does not require special training or special software. It is also very easy to customize, allowing organizations to create a schedule that suits their specific requirements. However, shift scheduling in Excel is error-prone and can be very time-consuming, especially for large organizations with a high volume of shifts and employees.

What does automated shift scheduling software entail?

Automated shift scheduling and implicit HR scheduling software, such as shiftin, uses algorithms to create and manage shift schedules based on a variety of factors, including employee availability, skill sets, and workload. Such software can provide an objective overview of capacity gaps and overstaffed business units, based on expected performance indicators, and can suggest resources needed to support growth opportunities in various industries.

Advantages and disadvantages of automated shift scheduling software

One of the main advantages of automated shift scheduling software, and hence human resource scheduling software, is that it can save time and reduce errors. With automated scheduling, HR professionals and managers can spend less time creating and managing schedules and more time focusing on other aspects of their work. In addition, automated HR scheduling can improve employee satisfaction by ensuring accurate and consistent scheduling practices. On the other hand, such automated HR scheduling software can be expensive and may require specialized training to use effectively.

What is the best shift scheduling solution for your business?

The answer to this question depends on the unique needs and resources of each individual business. If your business has a relatively small number of shifts and employees, Excel shift scheduling can be a cost-effective and efficient solution. However, if your business has a large number of shifts and employees, an automated shift scheduling and therefore HR scheduling software may be a more practical and far more efficient solution.

In addition, automated shift scheduling also helps organizations save money. With manual scheduling, managers can over-schedule employees during off-peak periods, leading to a waste of resources. By using automated workforce scheduling software, managers can optimize schedules based on historical data, ensuring the right number of employees are scheduled for each shift. This reduces labor costs and helps organizations stay profitable.

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